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Usually when a blog on blogger, we’ll get a blog name, we can change the domain name with a better blog. One service provider that is a free domain, So will our blog domain name will be Yesterday I tried to change my blog to a domain, and it worked easily.Ok, let’s start it, the way is as follows:A. The first step you need to do is sign up at this service.2. Get the domain name in advance by filling in the box provided, andclick Check Availability. Or simply use the box below (Fill in the domain that you want to register!):3. After getting the domain name, then Go to the menu setting Domain >>Manage Domains and click Setup4. Ignore Menu 1 >> manage DNS / name server is empty you simply click menu2 >> Zone Record5. Add the contents of record with the following fields:Host: fill in the domain name you have registered eg 1 D (do not need to be changed)Type: cnameValue: Then click the SetupWe have finished setting the, then live setting in blogger:A. Login / login to Sign In >>> Publishing Settings menu (Settings >> Publish)3. Then choose “Switch to: • Custom Domain” (Moving to: Custom Domain)4. Click on “Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings “(Switch to advanced settings)5. Fill in the “Your Domain” with domain that you submitted earlier.6. Use a missing files host? select No.7. Enter Word Verivication and click Save settings.Yapzz, already completed, is not easy. Our blog now has changed its name to domain, just waiting for the process to Blogspot sinchronisasinya of up to 24 hours after that we have access to your url domain names that we have made earlier.

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